The Weeping Seaman

A hot sauce, with a cause


A “Zeitgeist” idea, six months in the making

Featured in The Drum, One Minute Briefs, gained entry to Foodies Festival in Edinburgh, a Finalist at The Roses and even re-tweeted by the English goal keeping legend, David Seaman.

There is a Hack every year at the Leith Agency to build a “Zeitgeist idea” from why it should be conceived to how it will. The Weeping Seaman was created as one of The Leith Agency’s in-house projects. One that gives all profits to an organisation that struggles to gain notice – The Fisherman’s Mission, a charity that looks after those who struggle with life at sea from death to depression.

The aim was to create a wild hot sauce, and with the help of local chilli man “The Spice of Fife” a sauce was born. Selling well over 1000+ bottles we generated a modest donation, recognition for a charity, a boost in sales for a local business and a marketing stunt worth its weight in peppers.

A 30th birthday present

The Weeping Seaman was a small idea made big. And sales were so successful it was used as a gift for clients to celebrate 30+ years in the advertising business.

I, alongside a nimble team drove creative, production and sales. Setting up a twitter handle @weepingseaman, making a short ad that cost £0 (with an award-winning director at the helm), creating a takeover on the Leith Agency’s Instagram and engaging with local businesses about selling, we successfully managed to connect with a wide audience both online and offline.

Instagram Takeover
Leith Insta Takeover
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Happy Foodies Festival Customers

Pushing sales further online

An online ad was also created for The Weeping Seaman – "A Seriously Hot Sauce", created by Mark Davies, Ian Fletcher and directed by the brilliant Stuart Elliott