Shawbrook Bank

Transforming a financial institution, and expanding their brand's focus.

Bima Finalist Drum Finalist Sda Finalist W3 Winner

Making banking, a little more human.

Shawbrook wanted to improve how their brand was perceived as a specialist bank with a complete refresh of their website, one that would increase confidence and would appeal to customers of all backgrounds to achieve their financial goals.

Highlighting the core audience and driving at their needs, with made to fit components, meant Shawbrook could ward off challenger banks by addressing their customers properly, and with care - scars and all.

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Art Direction
Shawb Colours

A modular approach

The modular grid allows us to perfectly execute the correct promotional material vs. the current screen size.

To ensure a consistent user experience across all devices, the website structure is articulated around 3 different breakpoints so components must react responsively with creativity.

Shawb Modular Billboard
Shawb Grid

Built by the bank, for the bank

The new website would be made up of components, that interlock with simplicity and carefully stack - giving the admin complete control w/o disruption and the user an enjoyable and clear journey through the site.

Animation injects life into the site as each interlocking section reveals itself with motion, guiding the user through their journey.

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