The Leith Agency

Giving a 30 year old company a flourishing identity and online presence.

Bold works, now prove it.

Born in 80’s, Leith is a creative and advertising agency, based in… you guessed it Leith, Edinburgh. The agency was creates television advertising, online advertising and various formats of print on a national and global level.

An ideas company, and a great one at that. Spanning 3 centuries of dreaming up big, bold ideas for their clients, meant they wanted a visual identity that summarised all those years of impactful ads, products and digital campaigns. A new logo, a new identity, a new website, and a new face were all on the cards. A refresh fitting of 30 years of hard work and dedication to an industry that see’s many come and go, especially in Scotland.

Identity / Digital / Showreel, Designed and Art Directed by myself
Logo designed, by Rob Petrie

Leith Main
A Bold New Look

Creating new principles and internal comms

A good way to garner employee support, influence future identity and to make Leither’s feel like they are a part of the company’s evolution. Five principles that were written by the people, for the people. This also meant role out to internal comms such as the desktop wallpapers / meeting room tv’s.

Leith Principles
Desktop / Tv / Comms Background 1
Desktop / Tv / Comms Background 2
Desktop / Tv / Comms Background 3
Desktop / Tv / Comms Background 4
Leith Main
Internal Televisions


You are greeted with a new home page header every time, video / image based on connection speed. Every header represents a key time in Leith's history and gives insight and a snapshot into the best ads.

All about the work

The celebration of the work is key, be loud, be proud…be bold.

Case Studies

Big and bold copy draws you in with key, cutting imagery from each project.

Case Studies Visual

What We Do

Leith’s direction is T-shaped there-for it is important to showcase abilities well.


Leith staff are at the heart of what makes Leith… Leith. Newly shot personal imagery celebrates everyone and the role they play at the agency.

Leithers Mob Visual


The new Leith launch would be a ‘big bang’ so I also assisted on the art direction for a new showreel.

Showreel Gifs 1/2
Showreel Gifs 1/2